Artificial intelligence or AI in the forex market is quite new but AI has been around for decades and if you are really curious about the subject we recommend that you go on over to Wikipedia and read about the Timeline of Artificial Intelligence. From the early mathematical machines in the 1940’s right up to Terminator and a lot of Hollywood movies coming out even predicting world domination by robots endowed with artificial intelligence, we know have Sophia, the world’s first robot that now has citizenship in Saudi Arabia.

All of the sci-fi and progressive technology aside, how can artificial intelligence help you and especially the question, “how can AI help you in the forex market?” You can search Google for AI in trading and it may surprise you just how common it is. There is a lot more software making trades than you might imagine. Perhaps you have traded and wonder how trades can be removed and placed so fast, robots, simple as that.

ai in the forex market
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While a little experience is helpful to understand the software, there are thousands of people with little to no Forex trading that use Forex Expert Advisors with successful results.

So, the great news is that you too can employ AI in your forex trading and although trading in any market carries risks and markets can be unpredictable, our Forex Expert Advisors for trading with MetaTrader 4 do show results.

We have four Expert Advisors for the forex market and each of them have a different approach so you can find one suited to your personality and trading style. They differ in a number of ways and you can learn more about them on the AI Expert Advisors page.


So you now have the opportunity to use the same kind of technology in your personal trading that is being used by financial institutions like Bridgewater Associates that manages over 160 billion in assets as of December 2017. Our Forex Expert Advisors are not money trees, they don’t automatically create money for you without your involvement but with our company’s support and training you can be on your way to trading with AI in the forex market.