Forex Alert Software for Manual Trading

Our forex alert software is a great start to forex trading, or a great addition to using Expert Advisors. While some people enjoy the thrill of personally placing trades in the forex market, the alerts can be a great starting point for someone with a smaller trade budget, even as little as $100, to use in trading with expert advisors.

There are real advantages to using the forex alert software. Over time you will become more experienced with the forex market as you engage with this tool and enter into trades.

The benefits of using the forex alert software

  • Start with any amount of money
  • Learn a valuable skill that you can use for the rest of your life
  • 15-50 trade alerts everyday
  • Learn to watch for the breakout
  • Alerts are a good starting point in chart analysis
  • Receive alerts from more than 10 pairs


The Traide Compass Advisor Receive Accurate Wedge Alerts All Day Long and Enter the Trades You Want.

Rising and falling wedges is a primary alert for market movement


Learn wedge trading and how to look for breakouts


Wedge trading knowledge can be passed on for generations

Special package pricing with ceed
Let our expert advisors do the work for you

Do all your wedge trading on the go!

You can use a phone, tablet or laptop and do all your trading as long as you have access to the internet. We have all the videos you need to learn every step of the way.

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