The eaconomy™ Rewards Plan

We reward both our customers and affiliates that refer other people or entities to the eaconomy products and/or services as customers. We are appreciative of the support and hope that you are taking full advantage of the rewards plan that we have created for your benefit.

ai in the forex market

We pride ourself on a high percentage of our software users being customers and for our valued customers we offer a refer three and get your software free program. How this works is a customer uses a referral link that they can find in their eaconomy back office. They can share this link with whomever they desire and if an entity, with whom was shared a link, decides to purchase the software and continue to use the software, the referring entity gets the acknowledgement. When an entity refers three active customers they begin to receive one subscription for free. The monthly cost is negated within the system and they are no longer billed. If for some reason the three active referred subscriptions were not maintained the billing would be reactivated.

Affiliate Reward Plan

We know there are people that are excited about the forex market and after seeing the products work will want to share it with lots of people and so we have designed a rewards plan that compensates people not only for direct referrals but for also managing and supporting sales organizations. Compensation for this team building aspect comes in the form of different bonuses. To learn more about the full rewards plan please take time to watch the following video and/or download the rewards plan document and read it through. If you have any questions please feel free to contact support.